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March 21st, 2020

From miguel de Portugal

There is a rumor going about that Martial Law will be declared in the U.S. on March 22nd @ 8 PM EST.

As we said - "it is a rumor" - but a very likely event considering that it has been declared in some European nations under a "gentler" name.

Because of that very real possibility we recommend our readership to review a guest document we published in 2016 titled Martial Law by Executive Order.

Should it happen tomorrow - why then at 8 PM EST? That is about one hour before the first stock market opens in Asia on Monday March 23rd.

We are at peace and you should also be. One way or another God Will see His children through whatever eventuality rises in our way to the End of These Times.

From Mr. RBB @ Spain

Peace and Blessings!

One  may ask...

As of March 20th, how many people are currently infected by the coronavirus "Covid-19" in China?

The apparent reality, if you ask to...

World Health Organization (WHO): 81,300 cases (1)
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: 81,337 cases (2)

The reality?

They are deliberately leading the public to a misperception when they talk about "confirmed cases" without the needed explanation. The reality is that, as of March 20th, the current total cases in China is 6,569. The accumulated total is 80,967. From this accumulated total, there are 71,150 patients who have recovered and have been discharged, and 3,248 deaths. (3)

Sadly, almost everyone and everywhere, on the media, on Internet and on the street are falling (or cooperating) in this trap and catching the wrong number for the currently infected.


And, now, when almost everybody is used to the mask, are we ready to put ourselves voluntarily the wristband? (4)

NOTE. For a source documenting daily the "Recovered" cases in many regions over the world, you may watch the most current "csv" file at this database from the Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE

(1) World Health Organization (WHO) - Situation report 60, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19),
20 March 2020

(2) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  - Situation update worldwide [retrieved as of 20 March 2020]
(3) China National Health Commission Update on March 20; The checksum is 6569 + 71150 + 3248 = 80967
(4) Hong Kong is putting electronic wristbands on arriving passengers to enforce coronavirus quarantine

March 20th, 2020

From miguel de Portugal

The Latest post on our Board:

Published on March 19th, 2020

The "Coronavirus Plan" : What has been achieved and what to expect next.

An Alert for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear.

God's Megaphone..... works wonders, doesn't it?

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis reiterates the Italian Bishops’ call for prayers and extends an invitation to union in prayer to all the faithful.

Pope picks up Italian Bishops’ appeal to pray Rosary together

March 15th, 2020

Did you know that....

....according to estimates published by the Center of Disease Control on December 13, 2017,  between 291,000 and 646,000 people die worldwide from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year, higher than a previous estimate of 250,000 to 500,000 and based on a robust, multinational survey.

The new estimate, from a collaborative study by Center of Disease Control and global health partners, appeared in The Lancet. The estimate excludes deaths during pandemics. (1)

Now, compare that with the ridiculously low numbers that are being used to throw the world population into a panic as Euronews reported (2) yesterday.

If you feel that we are "being taken for a ride", it is because we are!  Maybe you should again review which are the remaining Old Testament prophecies that are to be fulfilled now and connect a few dots.

(1) CDC Reports
(2) Euronews Reports

In keeping with.... the race to the End of These Times:

All of Pope Francis’ Easter services next month will be held without the faithful attending, the Vatican said on Sunday, in a step believed to be unprecedented in modern times.

The services, four days of major events from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, usually draw tens of thousands of people to sites in Rome and in the Vatican. (1)

(1) Reuters Reports

March 13th, 2020

From miguel de Portugal

The following is not necessarily prophecy. It should be taken just as an illuminated opinion based on actual facts.

This man-made generated global panic - with no let up in sight - seems to indicate that the World Masters have realized that they have ran out of time to implement their Globalization dream and they are determined to force it through regardless of what it takes or what lies they have endorse. On the other hand we have God fulfilling His promise to shorten these times lest even the elect be lost [Matthew 24:22].

Therefore, it is safe to assume that we are there already - At the beginning of the non-stop final stretch to the End of These Times.

Even the military is contributing to said End of Times project:

According to Matthew P. Donovan, acting undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, the United States faces an array of threats from near-peer competitors China and Russia that have not been seen since before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  (1)

The level of outright idiocies that are being used by key world political leaders, and trumpeted by the media on a global scale, is simply unbelievable. Just as a few samples, since we could write page after page of the daily lines used to enhance the panic:

(a) A leader of the stature of German Angela Merkel has told the Germans that the worse is yet to come and to expect 70% of the population to be infected.
(b) Some European Hospitals are seeking blood donors to ensure adequate supplies. (sarcasm on) What do we have now? A coronavampire? (sarcasm off)
(c) Just this morning some official was proclaiming that after the current crisis reaches its peak, there would be another peak around Christmas. We presume that, just in case that this staged panic does not work as well as desired they have a Plan B ready for the Christmas Holidays.
(d) Significant fines and jail terms are multiplying for those who break quarantine in Europe.
(e) To ensure high media coverage the infection by "famous ones", or by well know politicians of the world, is being trumpeted from "every corner". In that way, even those who only read heartthrob and sports publications will be reached too.
(f) From the WHO official list of those who have contracted the coronavirus, they do not subtract the number of those who overcame it - which is the immense majority. In that manner, the number of those ill seems to be increasing.

Let us not forget that, as we announced in a recent mailing, when we compare the coronavirus effects with events that we have already lived through, it is not even worth mentioning.

For example..... (2)

Date World pop. Infected (est.) Deaths worldwide

2009 flu pandemic 2009–10 6.85 billion 11-21% (0.7–1.4 billion) 151,700–575,400
Typical seasonal flu Every year 7.75 billion 5–15% (340 million – 1 billion)

2019–20 seasonal flu 2019–20 7.75 billion 11% (800 million
(in the USA, 34-49 million)
0.45-1.2 million
 (in the USA: 20–52,000

Comparing the above numbers with the ridiculous figures associated with the coronavirus numbers should be more than enough to alert those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear that we are witnessing the beginning of the non-stop final stretch to the End of These Times.

God, as always, helps His children with a spectacular confirmation of the realities that we announce in His Name. This time He did it through the announcement that all churches in Rome will be closed until April 3 as part of coronavirus lock down. (3)

Do we need to draw someone a picture?
(1) Defense Department Reports
(2) Source
(3) Source

March 11th, 2020

From miguel de Portugal

Through the Grace of God we have been able to catch the World Masters (WM) with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, or shall we say, the coronavirus jar.

As you know, our position has been from the beginning that the whole event was staged by the WM. Not that the virus does not exist; it is that said virus does not even come close to posing the threat they have the world believing that it is, as we have shown in an earlier post.

Why spring it from China? We also knew that it was because, with their high population, with ample money and thirst for traveling, there would be more people from China present all over the world, at any one time, than from any other country in the world. However, we had no facts and figures to confirm what we knew otherwise, except that the actual spread of the virus was ridiculously low (as per God) when compared with the level of threat that is being proclaimed throughout the world 24 hours a day.

Then, God came through again....

Since last Monday I felt compelled (pushed) by God to look into the effect that such massive scare has had so far in the key world Stock Markets. Considering the backup of His work that I am trying to clear up, I could not see how I could get those figures in an easy manner. Not a problem for Him.... He showed me where and how we could do it in 5 minutes!

Our findings follow, with our comments following the table.

North and South American Indexes

  Index Country YTD % Change
  Dow Jones  United States  -17.47%
  S&P 500 INDEX United States  -15.15%

European Indexes

  Index Country YTD% Change
  FTSE 100 England  -22.26%
  CAC 40 France  -22.88%
  DAX Germany  -21.21%

Asian Indexes

  Index Country YTD % Change
  Shanghai SE
China  -2.68%
  Hang Seng Hong Kong  -10.49%
  Nikkei 225 Japan  -17.93%
  Taiwan TSEC
Taiwan  -9.20%

First look at the almost imperceptible effect in China's markets - a drop of only 2.68% year to date. Considering that China was the epicenter of the global crisis which is being blamed in the US and Europe for the crashing markets, it does not make sense, does it? Of course not, unless it is fully controlled.

Now look at the European markets - their very large drop (ten times that of China) is almost identical for the three major countries, including that of England, in spite of all the raucous about England leaving the European Union - which, by the way, has already taken place. Does it make sense? Of course not, unless it is also controlled.

Now look at the drop in the US - large but not as large as in Europe. That is because the "crying wolf" in the US has been more controlled that in Europe - wherein it has reached hysterical levels.

The Hong Kong drop could be ascribed to the political problems that they have been having with mainland China for months. It is not larger because of China's invisible cushion. Taiwan's drop is also low as Hong Kong's for similar reasons - political problems with mainland China, but also cushioned by China's invisible cushion.

What about the large drop in Japan's market? China has no love for Japan - especially after World War II.

Therefore, the way the full picture has been confirmed, we see that it was China's Deep State or shadow government, which, as with all major countries, they also have and is operated by the World Masters, who was/is behind this. Their objective? The implementation of their Globalization dream.

I hope and pray that this information as clearly as possible since this is only the beginning of the final stretch of the World Master's plan.


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